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Voice Lessons 

(online and in person)

Vocal Performances

Officiant for Marriages/Vow Renewals 


Alyssa Saunders Molfese

M.M. Music Education

M.A. CCC- Speech Language Pathology

License #41YS00742800

NJ Certified Music Teacher

Member of ASHA, NYSTA and NATS

Universal Life Church Certified Officiant

 Hightstown, NJ

An article about Saunders Music Studio:

An article about Saunders Music Studio:

Learn how to own you voice with the "Own Your Voice" sessions:

Getting to Know the Vocal Folds Vocal Onsets

"Own Your Voice" by saundersmusicstudio.comWatch me discover how to use some tools to get a clearer, more efficient, vocal onset. Grab a narrow (coffee) straw and get ready to "own your voice".

Watch and listen to students perform!​

The Girls of Summer by Stephen Sondheim

Jamie Leidwinger, Summer, 2012

Voice Lessons:​

The human voice is a complex instrument that requires individual attention in order to perform efficiently and in a healthy manner. In essence , the basis of singing is the manipulation of an internal mechanism (that which we cannot see), which requires having a teacher with expertise in anatomy and physiology. In addition, outside ears are essential to learning to sing due to the fact that people hear mostly through bone conduction, and therefore, do not hear themselves as they truly sound. Equally important to the singing process is understanding of the "inner voice". How a singer thinks about his/her voice and his/her expectations of sound will enable the body to react in different ways.

Whether one wants to improve his/her solo performance, choir singing or just wants to sing for fun, voice lessons will cater to the individual's needs as a singer. Lessons will give the student the opportunity to explore different genres of music, from classical to pop, as well as learn healthy technique to ensure a lifetime of singing!

Students who have studied with Ms. Molfese and went on to pursue singing as a career were accepted to institutions such as Penn State, The College of New Jersey, Mason Gross School of the Arts of Rutgers University, James Madison University, The University of Delaware, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Indiana University, University of Georgia, Florida State, University of South Carolina, and Westminster Choir College.

Students have the opportunity to perform in a minimum of 2 recitals per year. In addition master classes, where students get to choose topics such as "performance anxiety" or "eliminating vocal tension" are offered at least twice a year. 

Please email or call for rates, availability and more information:


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